Accepted on to Masters course

22nd April, 2016                   I am delighted to announce that I have been accepted onto the MSc Counselling Psychology course at Keele University commencing in September of this year. I’m excited to develop my skills as a counsellor and be able to explore the world of approaching […]

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GAD: The negative influence of an ‘I Should…’

11th February, 2016   At the core of Generalised Anxiety Disorder lies the phrase, “I should…”. What I have noticed over the past year is the amount of people who find it remarkably difficult to sit still or do nothing. There is often a guilty voice in the ear of the anxious, because the association […]

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Anxiety, Music and Gears

4th February 2016 I’ve been meaning to start my anxiety blog for a while now, so I’ll commence the proceedings by reporting on tonight’s observations: I have spent this evening in the company of some fellow Salford locals in the Crescent pub off of Chapel Street, Manchester. Every Thursday Jerry – the manager – hosts […]

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