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Best Selling Anxiety Books

Best selling anxiety and panic attack books written by The Panic Rooms’s Joshua Fletcher

Anxiety Panicking about Panic is a revolutionary, self-help book for people who suffer from the various symptoms of anxiety. The book acts as an informative guide and draws from the experiences of author and counsellor, Joshua Fletcher, who lived with anxiety disorder for years before successfully overcoming the condition.

The book is tailored for people who are: experiencing panic attacks, feeling abnormally anxious, ruminating about health, anticipating further panic attacks and questioning why anxiety is present in the first place. Anxiety Panicking about Panic provides quick, easy to access advice and practical strategies, which aim to educate the reader to simplify their world of anxiety in order to successfully tackle it.

This book is particularly tailored for people who can associate with the conditions of:- Anxiety- Anxiety Disorder- Generalized Anxiety- Panic Disorder- Agoraphobia- Health Anxiety- Panicking for no reason- Panic Attacks (and anxiety about them happening again)

Do you suffer from anxiety and panic? So did Joshua Fletcher, the author of the self-published bestseller ANXIETY: PANICKING ABOUT PANIC – but he treated his own condition successfully, went back to school, became a counsellor and emerged as one of the country’s leading experts.

ANXIETY: PRACTICAL ABOUT PANIC is a complete, easy to read and hugely practical book about anxiety from someone who knows how to recover and live your life to the full – and will show you how. Concentrating on the actions that you can take to alleviate and overcome your worries, this book is all about you and what you need to do to improve your life.

Retroactive Jealousy Finally, I’m Out is a unique, self-help book written by best-selling anxiety author, Joshua Fletcher. The book looks at the branch of generalised anxiety called retroactive jealousy – also known as retrospective jealousy.

Retroactive jealousy is the relatively modern term given to a condition that is characterised by a person obsessing over their partner’s sexual history. The book is written from the perspective of Joshua, who has lived through the condition and managed to overcome it.

Retroactive Jealousy, Finally I’m Out is the vital tool needed to overcome the condition and get your life and relationship back on track.

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Anxiety and Panic Disorder Podcast

The Panic Pod

Anxiety and Panic Disorder PodcastThe Panic Pod is a podcast about anxiety by best-selling author, Psychotherapist and previous sufferer, Joshua Fletcher. Each episode focuses on the topic of anxiety, with a tailored focus towards panic attacks, stress-related anxiety, social anxiety, the literature surrounding the psychology of anxiety and insights from special guests who have been invited to the show.

Each show is conducted in a warm and friendly manner, with emphasis on the power of psychoeducation, humour and reflection to help engage the audience in a topic that remains unmentionable to many people.

As a previous sufferer of an anxiety disorder, Joshua believes that an accepting, warm and relaxed approach to the topic is best suited to normalising a subject which he believes can go some way to helping others reach out for help.