Body Checking

During periods of anxiety we may become prone to scanning our bodies for signs of an anomaly or trying to find something that’s ‘wrong’. When we become confused about the way we feel – particularly when anxiety and panic strikes unexpectedly – we can immediately turn attention to ourselves to find the cause or a […]

Chest Pains

Anxiety can often cause the victim to feel various pains that can occur in and across the chest area. It’s important to note that these pains can alter in the way they present. The types of pains include sensations of stabbing, cramping, aches (dull to severe), shooting pains and pain that’s dependant on position of […]


Obviously most of us will know of and experienced many headaches in our lifetime. However, it is important to be aware that headaches come in many forms and for a variety of different reasons – this is particularly important when relating headaches to anxiety. A head ache can present itself as a mild to severe […]

Agoraphobia fear of going outside

Also known as: The fear of going outside It is very common for a lot of people with an anxiety problem to fear going outside. Agoraphobia is, more often than not, found to be directly linked with an anxiety problem due to the irrational nature of the fear itself. To the agoraphobic person the outside […]

Fearing Another Panic Attack

Also known as: Feeling Apprehensive Fearing a panic attack itself is perhaps a clearer symptom of anxiety than any other. Many who have experienced the horrendous turmoil of a panic attack are in fact so terrified of one happening again that they spend the majority of their time anticipating another one. This is called being […]