What is a Panic Attack? Almost everyone at some point in their lives experiences a panic attack. A panic attack is when an intense feeling of fear, dread, loss of control and entrapment overwhelms a person. There is usually no identifiable trigger and they seem to strike from seemingly nowhere. Accompanying these feelings are thoughts of an imminent disaster, impending doom and even the fear […]

What is Derealisation? Derealisation – also known as ‘feeling detached from self and surroundings’ – occurs in almost everyone who experiences excessive anxiety and panic disorder. Derealisation occurs when our reality and surroundings feel and appear distorted and we become highly aware that we feel ‘different’ from our usual selves. Similar to derealisation is the […]

Heart Palpitations

What is a Heart Palpitation? Almost every anxiety sufferer at some point experiences sensations and differences in the rhythm of the heart. Heart palpitations are a sudden fast beating of the heart that seems to occur either unexpectedly, after some form of physical exertion, or triggered by a negative thought. They can happen as frequently […]

Fear is an emotion that becomes embedded within us as we grow up and is also part of our make up as human beings. However, when worry and fear become irrational to the point where it is debilitating to our lives, then it becomes an obvious symptom related to an anxiety problem. An anxiety condition […]