Abdominal Pains

Abdominal pains are pains that occur across the abdomen and can vary in the way that they present. These include feeling sore, stretching sensations, stabbing, shooting pains, cramping and general aching. The location of these pains can alter in their position on the abdomen and can also fluctuate in intensity. It is possible for a lot of these pains to be happening at once and can happen at any time of the day.

There are two common reasons why abdominal pains can occur when linked with an anxiety condition: the first being that the pain is an offshoot symptom of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

The second reason and perhaps the most common is down to muscle tension and posture. Muscle tension is responsible for all types of pains due to anxiety causing us to expand and contract our muscles intensely and excessively.

Adrenaline causes our muscles to tense up – even against our will – so if we don’t stretch and relax accordingly, we feel the consequences through erratic and varied pain. Poor posture also intensifies this muscle tension, especially when we are hunched and our shoulders are too far forward. Stretching, posture change and movement are the key to alleviating the pains.