The Panic Room ® is a counselling and coaching practice for those who suffer from the debilitating symptoms of an Anxiety or Panic Disorder. It is located at the Angel Centre in Salford and was established in March 2015.

The Panic Room ® offers a unique setting and a fresh approach to counselling for those whose lives have been hampered by panic attacks, bouts of anxiety, health anxiety, social anxiety and agoraphobia.

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The Panic Room ® was set up and is run by Joshua Fletcher – anxiety coach, counsellor and best-selling author of the book Anxiety: Panicking about Panic – a powerful self-help guide for those who suffer from an anxiety or panic disorder.

Joshua has a postgraduate diploma in counselling, as well as an MSc in Counselling Psychology. Prior to this, he studied to an ABC level 4 equivalent in counselling in order to set up his unique practice.

Joshua conducts the sessions personally and tailors a counselling and coaching approach that’s best suited to the client. What makes The Panic Room ® unique is that Joshua is a past sufferer of generalised anxiety and panic disorder himself and he has made it his life work to help people successfully overcome the condition – just like he did.

“To have someone actually explain what’s happening during episodes of high anxiety, then guided on how to approach it, was for me the highlight of my visits to this counselling room.” Client, Burscough

The Aim

The Panic Room ® was set up as a unique, private counselling and coaching practice for those whose lives have been affected by the symptoms of anxiety or panic disorder. Anxiety is a very broad and often misunderstood condition and, in the most unfortunate circumstances, it can lead to various anxiety related ‘disorders’ if not approached and dealt with appropriately.

The Panic Room® philosophy is to provide fast, effective and primarily educational counselling for the client where Joshua draws on his own research and experience – much of which can be found in his book. The philosophy also centres on educating the client about anxiety and panic attacks alongside establishing a safe and effective counselling environment.

The counselling and coaching is intended to provide an immediate and measured form of relief from the intense worry that Anxiety and Panic Attacks create, with many happy clients leaving having lots of their fears allayed. Many clients and readers of the book commend how quickly and effective Joshua’s approach to tackling the condition is something of which he prides himself on.

The Panic Room® is for anyone and everyone. No matter what your situation; if your life has been hindered by worry, anxiety or panic attacks then why not book yourself in for a session?

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Is The Panic Room for me?

The Angel Centre

The Panic Room at The Angel Centre

Joshua is proud to be part of the set up at The Angel Centre – an inspiring social enterprise whose objectives are primarily social, and whose profits are reinvested back into its services or the community.

Although the Panic Room is a private practice, Joshua works in tandem with the various beneficial services that the Angel Centre provides, such as liaising with MIND mental health charity and the centre’s community based activities and projects.

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The Panic Room isn’t the only space used in the centre. Lectures are conducted on site in the hall and sessions are often conducted more informally in the Angel Centre’s on-site café.

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