Agoraphobia fear of going outside

Also known as: The fear of going outside

It is very common for a lot of people with an anxiety problem to fear going outside. Agoraphobia is, more often than not, found to be directly linked with an anxiety problem due to the irrational nature of the fear itself.

To the agoraphobic person the outside world becomes ‘out of bounds’, due to it being perceived as too open, too dangerous, believing they may not cope if taken away from their current surroundings or the fear of how the general public may perceive them.

When I was dealing with the peak of my anxiety, I recall hardly ever leaving the house for the fear that I may have a panic attack, or that I simply just would not cope. I also feared what my local community would think of me, which only intensified my underlying fear of going insane.

Agoraphobia is the result of anxiety and all of the symptoms and thought associations that come with it. Racing thoughts, unexplainable fear, irrational thinking and hypersensitivity can make you perceive the world as an overwhelming place, when in fact it is the combination of your body’s chemical imbalance (adrenaline) and the irrational associations and beliefs that you hold about the world outside.

Some people – particularly those who suffer from agoraphobia – believe that it is the outside world that’s responsible for their anxious thoughts and not the other way around. This is simply not the case.

We as anxiety sufferers can become agoraphobic due to the power of association we place on our surroundings, especially when anxiety is at it’s highest and we feel the safest in our own homes. What you must realise is that anxiety prevents you from thinking rationally, so it comes down to willpower to convince yourself that the outside world is no less of a place than the inside of the home.

Here at the Panic Room there are opportunities for a tailored programme to tackle your agoraphobia. I realise that leaving the house to attend appointments can be a monumental task, so feel free to enquire about mobile appointments where house visits are possible.