New Book: Untangle Your Anxiety

Ebook Released February 2021 (Instant Download)

Paperback Released March 2021 (Amazon)

UNTANGLE YOUR ANXIETY was written by Psychotherapist, Joshua Fletcher (@anxietyjosh), and the owner of Instagram’s largest anxiety community, Dean Stott (@DLCanxiety), to help you overcome excessive anxiety. Having both been diagnosed in the past with anxiety disorders, then successfully overcoming them, Josh and Dean have written this honest and powerful self-help book as a reassuring aid in your recovery.

Anxiety: Panicking about Panic


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A UK Best-Seller!

Anxiety: Panicking about Panic is an educational, self-help book based around Joshua’s first hand experience with panic disorder and excessive anxiety. What makes the book so successful and unique is that it is written from the perspective of someone who can relate to and understand a lot of the core symptoms that come with an anxiety condition. The response and feedback to the book has been positively tremendous. It acts as the anchor point and the core of the Panic Room counselling philosophy.

Since the book’s release in May 2014, it has sold thousands of copies across the UK and the US receiving glowing reviews in the process.

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Anxiety: Practical about Panic


Now also a Best-Seller!

Anxiety: Practical about Panic is a self-help book that provides an educative and pragmatic approach to understanding and overcoming anxiety and panic disorder. It is the follow up to the UK best-seller, Anxiety: Panicking about Panic, where psychotherapist, Joshua Fletcher MSc, discusses ways to approach dealing with the symptoms of anxiety, such as panic attacks and constant worry. Fletcher draws upon his academic knowledge, as well as his personal experiences of living with and working with anxiety disorders, to facilitate the reader to build the foundations for their own recovery.