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Joshua Fletcher MSc MBACP

Author. Counsellor. Psychotherapist.

Joshua Fletcher is a fully qualified Psychotherapist with an MSc in Counselling Psychology. He is also a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. Further to this, Joshua has previously been diagnosed with Anxiety and Panic Disorder. Through Joshua’s experiences of both having the condition and through his studies, it has allowed him to become a UK BEST SELLING author.

Anxiety: Panicking about Panic

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A UK Best-Seller: Anxiety: Panicking about Panic was written by The Panic Room creator Joshua Fletcher after he successfully overcame a long-term panic disorder condition. Joshua believed so much in his book and what he could bring to the misunderstood subject of anxiety that he gave up a teaching career in order to pursue a project he feels so passionate about.

Anxiety: Panicking about Panic is an educational, self-help book based around Joshua’s first hand experience with panic disorder and excessive anxiety. What makes the book so successful and unique is that it is written from the perspective of someone who can relate to and understand a lot of the core symptoms that come with an anxiety condition. The response and feedback to the book has been positively tremendous. It acts as the anchor point and the core of the Panic Room counselling philosophy.

This book begins with a comprehensive list of symptoms that relate to anxiety, although it primarily addresses anxiety’s main symptoms which consist of unexplainable panic, panic attacks, derealisation, hypochondria, continuous fear and hypersensitivity. Joshua believes that these are the root cause of all of the other physical problems that can arise with anxiety, such as heart palpitations, chest pains, headaches, insomnia, dizziness etc.

This book is then split into four main parts: the first part covers the basics of anxiety, panic and what’s happening within our mind and bodies when we find ourselves panicking. It’s probable you’ll find that reading this part of the book imparts a strong form of relief, as it provides an essential tool needed for the recovery process – an understanding of what’s actually going on.

Part two is a detailed list of the symptoms that can occur with anxiety. It is set out using a ‘What?’ and ‘Why?’ format to simplify and explain why such symptoms occur.

Part three offers further information and practical advice to keep anxiety and panic at bay and part four is a short ‘emergency relief’ section written for those who are experiencing a panic attack.

Many readers have commented that they not only found this book helpful, but have used the emergency panic attack section as the base template for their own panic attack scripture.

Since the book’s release in May 2014, it has sold thousands of copies across the UK and the US receiving glowing reviews in the process.

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Anxiety: Practical about Panic

Soon to be re-released via John Murray Press, Anxiety: Practical about Panic is a self-help book that provides an educative and pragmatic approach to understanding and overcoming anxiety and panic disorder. It is the follow up to the UK best-seller, Anxiety: Panicking about Panic, where psychotherapist, Joshua Fletcher MSc, discusses ways to approach dealing with the symptoms of anxiety, such as panic attacks and constant worry. Fletcher draws upon his academic knowledge, as well as his personal experiences of living with and working with anxiety disorders, to facilitate the reader to build the foundations for their own recovery.

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