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Therapy With Josh

Thank you for considering working with me. I conduct sessions remotely from my office in South Manchester, either by video, or by telephone. I hope to return to face-to-face work someday soon. I provide a Counselling and Psychotherapy service for people who reside in the UK. Anxiety Coaching is available for international clients.

Current Availability (May 2022): Caseload Full.

Waiting List Availability (May 2022): Unavailable.

One-Off / Ad-hoc Session Availability: Unavailable.

Josh’s Recommended Therapists: Check Availability


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Session Prices

My session prices are below and include concession rates for those with low income.

*As of October 2021 the pricing structure has changed to match my qualifications but also due to UK VAT laws:

Standard Rate: £110
Low Income Discount: £90
One-off / Ad-hoc Session: £110
“Stop Fearing Fear: Help For Panic Disorder” Online Course Price: *£110
*This includes access to the School of Anxiety Facebook Group with regular Q&As with me included

Important! (October, 2021) Please be aware that my caseload is full at the moment, so unfortunately I am unable to take on new clients. 

How To Book

You can book with Josh by emailing his assistant, Emma, using the details below:

How the Sessions Work

The sessions are 50 minutes long and can be booked on a weekly or fortnightly basis, where an agreed time slot is adhered to by both of us.

For example, 11:00am every Tuesday. This is done to encourage that the client prioritises time for themselves, on a regular basis, to commit to therapy. It is also done to cater for a busy caseload; if everyone has their own time slot, then no-one misses out.

If you are having a video session, a meeting link will be emailed to you shortly before your appointment time.

What to Expect

If you have never had counselling before, then fear not, as I endeavour to make every new client feel welcome and comfortable. You won’t be pressured into sharing anything you don’t feel ready to.

Your first session will be spent getting to know one another and also as a way of formulating a plan to take forwards into therapy. It’s a very relaxed atmosphere where I try to make you feel as little pressure as possible.

I have been diagnosed with anxiety disorder in the past and knows how scary it can be to talk about it, particularly if it is the first time.

Recommended Therapists

In response to my caseload often being full, I have recently started to compile a list of people who work similar to me. To find out more, please feel free to explore my Recommended Therapists section.