5 Ignored Signs of Anxiety

Tiredness and Lethargy

It’s safe to say that anxiety in our modern culture has become a prevalent condition. However, there still exists a social stigma, or taboo, that leads many people to often ignore the symptoms of anxiety. Further to this, and from my own experience, there is a scarcity of basic education on the topic, which leads […]

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Coping With The Stigma Mental Health

Fearing Another Panic Attack

Mental illness has always been a taboo subject for the majority of people, and even today there is unfortunately still a lot of unwarranted stigma attached to it. Many people do not understand mental health issues simply because they cannot see physical symptoms, or a clear way to ‘cure’ them. For those without anxiety, it […]

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10 Signs You May Have Anxiety

Anxiety and Panic Disorders

Most of us experience anxiety at one point in our lives whether before an interview, a big day or during an exam. This one off anxiety is considered normal but some of us are prone to consistent anxiety problems, many not even realising it. Anxiety disorders are complex in nature making them often difficult to […]

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Job and Career Anxiety Explained

Job and Career Anxiety Issues

What is Job Anxiety? Job anxiety is characterised by feelings of unease, apprehension, worry and insecurity about life associated with work. It is normal for people, at some period in their lives, to worry about certain aspects of their job, regardless of their occupation or role. Such worries may include: Worrying about money – income, […]

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Social Anxiety: A Personal Account

Social Anxiety blurry

Social anxiety, also known as social phobia or a facet of anxiety disorder, is mainly characterised by an overwhelming fear of social situations. Many people can be affected by social anxiety, with it being very common for confident, out-going people to be affected by the symptoms at some point in their lives. It is assumed […]

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Eye Floaters and Anxiety

Eye Floaters diagram

One of the more obscure symptoms of anxiety is the presence of eye floaters. Eye floaters are small, particle-like objects that seem to float around at the forefront of vision. These objects can vary in size, shape, clarity and brightness. Some people complain of bright, flashing dots that swirl and float across the eye when […]

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