Is The Panic Room For Me?

The Panic Room ® is available for anyone who has been affected by anxiety and its many symptoms. It is also available for people who have been diagnosed with Panic Disorder by their General Practitioner or Psychologist. Joshua often works with people whose lives have been severely hampered by chronic anxiety, panic attacks, feelings of derealisation (feeling weird), agoraphobia and relentless worry. Some of the most common vocalised complaints from clients revolve around the following statements:

“I’ve not felt like myself for a long time. I keep worrying and panicking about it.”

“I keep panicking about my panic attacks. I’m scared when the next one will happen.”

“I’ve been to my doctor and had therapy and intervention but I still feel the same.”

“I’m terrified at the prospect of speaking and being in front of people.”

“I always obsess over changes to my body. Aches, pains, twitches etc.”

“I can’t eat, sleep or do anything like I used to do.”

“The outside world is a scary place. I’m afraid to even leave the house.”

Is The Panic Room for me?

If you can relate to any of these statements, or experience any of the symptoms of anxiety or panic disorder, then the Panic Room may be for you.

People who suffer from anxiety may often feel apprehensive and intimidated at the prospect of leaving their homes and breaking their perceptively safe routines. The Panic Room has been set up with this in mind and aims to provide a very comfortable and safe environment for the client. The Panic Room also provides a limited mobile service where Joshua can visit the house for clients who suffer from severe agoraphobia.

Furthermore, The Panic Room now offers telephone counselling for those who live outside of the Greater Manchester area.

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“I used to spend almost every day worrying and over-thinking about why I felt anxious all of the time. My sessions at the Panic Room have been a godsend.” Client, Rusholme.