How the sessions work:

The sessions are 50 minutes long and can be booked on a weekly or fortnightly basis, where an agreed time slot is adhered to by both Joshua and the client. For example, 11:00am every Tuesday. This is done to encourage that the client prioritises time for themselves, on a regular basis, to commit to therapy. It is also done to cater for a busy caseload; if everyone has their own time slot, then no-one misses out.

If you are interested in therapy, but do not live in the Greater Manchester area, then telephone counselling can be arranged subject to availability.

Session Prices

Consultation & 1st Session (50 minutes):  £60.00 / £45.00*

Standard Session (50 minutes): £60.00 / £45.00*

Telephone Counselling (50 minutes) £60.00 / £45.00*

*A discounted rate applies for those who are in full-time education, or who are in receipt of benefits

Counselling & Psychotherapy: what happens if I come?

If you have never had counselling before, then fear not, as Joshua endeavours to make every new client feel welcome and comfortable. You won’t be pressured into sharing anything you don’t feel ready to. Your first session will be spent getting to know one another and also as a way of formulating a plan to take forwards into therapy. It’s a very relaxed atmosphere with no pressure whatsoever. Joshua has been diagnosed with anxiety disorder in the past and knows how scary it can be to talk about it.

Here at the Panic Room ®, Joshua tailors his approach to the individual, meaning both you and him work together in identifying what you would like from therapy and what your goals are. If you’re simply panicking a lot, then that’s fine, as the practice was designed to help reassure people no matter how anxious they present. Joshua draws upon his skills and knowledge from studying an MSc in Counselling Psychology (Keele University), as well as a PG Cert in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (Salford University). He also draws upon his own experiences living with anxiety disorder in order to empathise as best as he can.

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