Prices and Services

Here at the Panic Room® each approach is tailored to the individual meaning the sessions do not include the rigidity found in a lot of standard therapy.

The services are based on competitive counselling rates on the back of an initial consultation session. Sessions can be booked based on a needs basis and do not require a repeat booking slot. The Panic Room are proud to offer counselling rates which are well below the national average.

If you are interested, but do not live in the Greater Manchester area, then telephone counselling can be arranged subject to availability.

As well as providing personal one-to-one counselling, Joshua hosts educational self-help lectures on the various symptoms and problems anxiety can cause. These are either conducted by himself or other guest professionals.

All resources provided (if necessary) are included within the price of each session.


New Revised Pricing Scheme:

The Panic Room has introduced a new pricing scheme to make the practice more accessible for all. The standard session price will be £40.00 and a discount will apply for those who are: in full-time education, on disability benefit, unemployed or working part-time.

Consultation & 1st Session (60 minutes):  £40.00

Standard Session (50 minutes): £40.00

Telephone Counselling (50 minutes) £40.00

4 Sessions (Block Booking) (4 x 50 minutes): £150.00 (£10.00 discount)

Group Lecture (60 minutes): £5.00 – £8.00

Social Events and Meetups: £FREE

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