Fearing Another Panic Attack

Fear of Another Panic Attack

Also known as: Feeling Apprehensive

Fearing a panic attack itself is perhaps a clearer symptom of anxiety than any other. Many who have experienced the horrendous turmoil of a panic attack are in fact so terrified of one happening again that they spend the majority of their time anticipating another one.

This is called being left in a state of apprehension – similar to that when discussing heart palpitations. It’s actually a simplistic loop that many people have experienced or have become ‘stuck’ in and to make it worse the medical profession have slapped a label on it called a ‘panic disorder’ (not just regarding panic attacks).

The experience of having a panic attack is often a terrifying ordeal for the individual who lives through it. Anyone who’s experienced a panic attack would obviously wish to never have one again, but for some people the fear is so prominent that they spend the majority of their time self-analysing as a means to apprehend one if it strikes. The process of doing this is self-destructive as it adds to the overall anxiety and creates a stress that hinders daily life.

Ultimately a panic attack is a temporary loss of control and it’s this loss of control that drives us to try and control every aspect of anxious thoughts and behaviours.

This symptom is alarmingly common but easy to overcome. Why not book into the Panic Room today and put your worries at ease.