Tiredness and Lethargy

Also known as: Lethargy, Exhaustion

This is the feeling of being overly tired or lethargic in comparison to a ‘usual’ state or degree of expectation for the time of day. Furthermore, you could be experiencing frequent states of exhaustion that have taken up a commonplace role in day to day life.

Simply living with an anxiety condition is tiring enough, as it causes the body to work hard all of the time. Anxiety can cause the body to do all sorts of ‘unnecessary’ overtime in the form of maintaining a fast heart rate, taking in too much oxygen, a distorted digestive cycle, muscle tension, processing racing thoughts, dealing with copious amounts of adrenaline and so on.

Furthermore, anxiety affects sleeping patterns and the overall quality of sleep, which over time accumulates and presents itself in the form of chronic lethargy. Although troubling, tiredness is not a cause for concern and unfortunately is inevitable when anxiety is a constant.

When dealing with bouts of anxiety, a lot of the body’s energy is consumed by dealing with the constant adrenaline and cortisol that the body releases. This sets off numerous bodily processes in tandem with the nervous system which quickly uses up our energy.

Further to this, when we’re trying to deal with our anxiety in a rational manner, this is made harder by the forthcoming exhaustion and lethargy. As anxiety sufferers it seems easier to crumble to a negative conclusion and bad behaviour habits when we’re drained of energy.